Dickie Beau


                 “Superb ... 
                 technical competence [and]  
                     conceptual ambition.” 
                                                  The Guardian

         “mesmerising ...
      incredibly intense”          
                                              - Chortle
“Sublime, funny, moving, tragic 
   and darkly poignant, 
   Dickie Beau breathes        
   electrifying new life 
   into an age-old art form.        
   Modern, retro and 
   utterly relevant 
   to the ailments            
   of today, he's a 
            star of the future.”                                                              
                                                                 - Attitude
  “Phenomenal talent ... a powerful and                      moving artist ...
                                            breathtaking ...”  - Time Out
                        - The Independent
                        - The Telegraph
                        - The Times
  “utterly beautiful.... Whatever category you want to put him in, 
                                         he was perhaps my favourite performer of the year”  
                                                                                                                                   - Andy Field, The Guardian 
                                                                                                            (2011’s best drama didn’t just happen in theatres)
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Little Beau 
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Acting agent : Sally Hope Associates
For solo shows : Tim Whitehead Management


Oxford Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust Award winner, 2014

Arts Foundation Award 2015, shortlisted nominee (Digital & Video for Performance)

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